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Custom, Hand Built, Vanity Mirrors.

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With care taken from the smallest element to the largest, you can be sure that these hand made mirrors are of utmost quality.


A high grade vinyl covering made by 3M that will last you for years, so that you don’t have to worry about longevity and be able to pass it on for generations.


Have your name or name of choice applied beautifuly into the mirror to give it that personalized and elegant touch.


Customized, Well Built, Very Bright

With extensive research done into lighting we have devoloped our mirrors with a very specific wattage and type of light that will allow you to see your make-up with unrivaled accuracy so that you can go out with confidence. After many iterations we have engineered our mirrors to be of utmost quality so that it will last for many years to come.


What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

You set aside plenty of tim to apply your makeup for the days work ahead or a pleasent night out. But once again you find yourself fighting those pesky shadows caused by dim or misplaced lighting, only to go away fearing that unnatural look of uneven application, frustrated to say the least. 


Once you decide to purchase and payment is recieved, we will rush your vanity off to you the very next day, often times the same day depending on what time the order is placed. 


Amount of light is adjustable, we use a full range rotary dimmer for this purpose. The lights should surround the mirror with proper spacing to avoid shadows, also total amount of wattage is a huge consideration.


Our customer service is second to none, we work tirelessly in order to fulfill any and all pertinent requests, it isn’t enough to just make a quality product, it must also have quality support. 


It wasn’t enough to create the perfect make-up mirror. It also must be a worthy addition to any room in your house, creating more than just a mirror, but a talking peice. 


The Secret to Quality

Each piece that goes from our door to your door is created with one objective in mind superior quality starting with the materials that are used to the care and patience in assembling this vanity. This attention to detail is paramount from it’s conception to customer service once it has been delivered.


At Che Bella we use an incandescent globe bulb incandescent because they are known to give of the same type of light as natural light which is known by most makeup artist to be the very best type of light to use for applying makeup.


The vanity is powered by normal household current comes complete of course with an 8 foot power cord and a rotary type dimmer switch for dialing in just the right amount of light need for all occasions.


The covering we use at Che Bella Vanita are of the highest quality. So much so that these particular coverings are especially used in the automotive sector, they were first developed for applying to cars as an alternative to repainting, the companies that produce these specialty coverings gives a ten year durability warranty against scratches and fading, for exterior use Think how much longer it will last not being subjected to the elements.

Satisfied Customers to Date

We have served over 400 customers, all who were excited to recieve and use their mirror. Just check out the testamonials to find out for yourself.


Satisfied Customers

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have NEVER in all my years on Ebay purchased something that turned out to be this beautiful. I am in awe of this piece. I cant thank you enough.Its just GORGEOUS. I wish i could leave these remarks on feedback because ppl deserve to know just how stunning these are. Im a professional make up artist the lighting is superior. I cannot even express how pleased i am.
Thank you SO SO much!


Highly recommended seller! Best price for quality product. Great communication and quick shipping.

Really great seller! Went the extra mile & I love the product :-). Told friends!

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