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New Year? Focus on More Than Just the Scale for a New You

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New Year? Focus on More Than Just the Scale for a New You

It’s the New Year, and for many people that means reaching into the back of their closet, dusting off the old scale, and stepping back on it. It’s a ritual that seems to never change. But studies are beginning to show that the “New Year, New You” mantra might imply more than just changing your weight. For a completely different look and a better, more youthful you, it is time to make new years resolutions that benefit your health. Focusing on achievable goals like meditating daily to combat stress, getting outside more, or even vowing to increase your water intake can provide you with the tools necessary to love the skin you’re in as well as the tools to remain healthy.

The Power of a Positive Mindset

For some staring at their post-December bodies, it might be hard to decide where to begin. Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of the Bariatric Medical Institute suggests getting healthy, to begin with. However, his version of healthy does not necessarily mean losing your post-partum weight. Once a rampant weight-loss pusher and number-cruncher, Freedhoff backed off on his former opinions after observing his clients for many years. While he saw that they were making efforts to lose weight, he noted that in almost all patients there would be significant weight gain back once they shed their original pounds. His goal for his patients now? Take the effort put into maintaining caloric restriction and strict weight and fat calculations and focus on making healthy changes like being mindful of exercise and healthy food intake.

Putting motivations into making positive bodily change has indeed been the trend in healthcare today, and for good reason. Focusing on being more active takes away the feeling of failure that many dieters experience when they do not reach their goal weight even after taking drastic measures. When the goal is instead to take a walk five days a week, it is a lot easier to be proud of the outcomes (and to be proud of your killer calves!)

Eating Good Food + Focusing on Mental Health = Beauty

Once you put your positive mindset to use, eating right and focusing on your mental health is another great way to change things you may be embarrassed about. By including more fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as cutting out too many extra sugars and carbs, you’ll notice your skin start to firm up, free itself of blemishes, and begin to glow. Cutting down on sugars and junk foods also improves mood. While the old saying might be that beauty is only skin deep, being less-stressed and happier also has an impact on your overall appearance. Research shows that not only does being happy fend off weight gain, but it also strengthens your immune system, keeps your heart healthy, and lengthens your life – all benefits that dieting alone is purported to cause.

So, this year, instead of crying over a number on a scale, look at your beautiful face in the mirror. Be happy with it, promise it you are going to make changes that will help it look good and feel good. Chances are, you’ll find yourself feeling a little more beautiful, a little more uplifted, and a lot more satisfied with your new year’s resolution.

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